K'umunsi wo gukunda igihugu uba kuwa 01 ukwakira buri mwaka urubyiruko hari icyo rwasabwe
2018-10-01 Amakuru

Ku ya 1/10/1990 nibwo ingabo zahoze ari iza RPA (Rwanda patriotic army) zatangiye urugamba rwo kuvana no kubohora u Rwanda mu icuraburindi aho urugamba rwamaze igihe gisaga imyaka ine rugera kuya 4/7/1994.

Umuyobozi ushinzwe ubushakashatsi murwego rw’Intwali z’igihugu imidali n’impeta by’ishimwe Bwana RWAKA NICOLAS yaganirije Ijwi ryacu kuri uyu munsi wo gukunda igihugu adufasha gusobanukirwa icyo bivuze binyuze mu bibazo duhora twibaza.

Igihugu n’iki? Ni Ubutaka bugizwe n’Imbibi ,ubutaka,imisozi,ibisiza,imipaka, bitewe nuko kigana ndetse kikaba igihugu ariko gifite abantu bagituye ari nabo bitwa abene gihugu aribo dusanga bagira uruhare mu iterambere ry’igihugu. Igihugu gifite ibigomba kugitandukanya n’ibindi harimo imipaka,ibirango,umuco,ubuyobozi bwacyo , ururimi,abenegihugu.

Gukunda igihugu n’iki? Ni indagagaciro ikomeye yagakwiye kuba iranga abene gihugu batuye icyo gihugu, iyo nddagagaciro iba igomba kuba inshingiye ku mco wabo , igashingira ku myemerere yabo , igashingira no kugiteza imbere. Kuko igihugu ku isi hose ni umubyeyi ni ingombyi irera abana bacyo bakitwa abene gihugu , gukunda igihugu nuko uba ugomba gukunda ya ngombyi  nyuma ugaharanira ko gitera imbere, ugaharanira ubusugire bwacyo ndetse ugakunda abatuye icyo gihugu.

Ese umunyarwanda akwiye gukora kugira akunde igihugu cye?

Abakuze bagakwiye kwigisha abana babo,abakiri bato gukunda igihugu bibe umuco karande n’umurage bakura ku ababyeyi erega utaganiriye na se namenya icyo sekuru yasize avuze .

Urubyiruko rufate urugero ku barubanjirije bababere urugero rwiza ariko ikiruta byose bashobore no kumenyako uyu munsi leta ubuyobozi buriho bufite icyerekezo cyo kugira giteze imbere urubyiruko inumve icyerekezo cyabo inasubize ibyifuzo byabo, bakoreshe amahirwe bafite kuko ubuyobozi bw’igihugu cyacu babumva ndetse bukabashyigikira. Urubyiruko rwibuke ko aho igihe kigeze bagenda basigira igihugu mu biganza  byabo bagabanye imibare mu gukunda igihugu bibaza ndakuramo iki? Harimo iki?... kuko bizatuma iterambere risubira inyuma, urubyiruko rwitagiye igihugu bamwe bakahasiga ubuzima bwabo iyo baza gushyiramo imibare ntibari kubasha kubohora u Rwanda.

Tanga igitekerezo kuri iyi nkuru


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